Audi's Scout-based off-roader will reported arrive in 2027 to rival the electric Mercedes G-Class. Would anybody here wait on it instead of the Scout SUV or Scout pickup?
"For reasons beyond our understanding, Audi has refused to put the fabled Four Rings on a luxurious SUV version of the first VW Amarok. The second-gen pickup truck now uses Ford Ranger underpinnings, so it's highly unlikely to happen. However, a new report from Autocar speculates the folks from Ingolstadt are interested in coming out with a belated answer to the Mercedes G-Class. An electric off-roader could happen to fight the upcoming EQG.

Hot on the heels of the Activesphere concept's debut this week, the British magazine claims Audi's head honchos are about to approve a go-anywhere EV for production. If green-lighted, the adventurous electric SUV will be launched around 2027, some three years after the EQG goes on sale. Autocar has it on good authority it wouldn't be based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), nor on Ford's T6 architecture that has underpinned the Ranger and Everest SUV along with the Amarok."