Speaking about the VW Scout EV line up, this Jalopnik writer said "the whole thing reeks of cowardice. As if the folks at VW don’t trust themselves to build a product people will actually buy without dredging the ‘70s for a sentimentality play. God forbid they try and cash in on that sweet, sweet Wrangler money with an off-road concept of their own."

Full disclosure: I don't agree with the writer one bit, it was likely done to be contrarian for attention.

"No, I was not surprised to learn that Volkswagen plans to resurrect the Scout nameplate with electric pickup trucks and SUVs. We live in a world where the Ford Mustang is a V8 sports car and yet also, somehow, a five-door, all-wheel drive EV. Words mean nothing and we live on the worst timeline. There are no graves left to piss on.

Full disclosure: I’m an International guy. My father and his father before him carried Scout II keys in their pockets. I once bought a full-size D-series pickup from an outlaw biker and built a Scout Terra from the remains of 14 other trucks. I asked my wife to marry me on the tailgate of that same machine. Its hood still hangs in my shop and its fender emblem on my Christmas tree. I and the people like me have been waiting for the return of the Scout for 42 years."