Someone that recently spoke with engineers and designers on the Scout Motors team is reporting that the Scout will be a very capable off-roader. It also won't ride on the MEB platform.
"I had the honor of spending an afternoon with the Scout Motors team. A small group of us got to really understand what their goals are, who they are as a company and more exciting some early prototypes. We got to talk with the team and ask a whole lot of questions. In return we were honest with our opinions and talked about what we would like to see.
What I came away with is nothing more than excitement. This team is special and what they will end up producing will be equally as special because of the Passion, Dedication and Pride they are putting into bringing back the Scout. They showed a video that really summed it up and every hair on my arms stood up and the entire room was in awe. Think about the best Super Bowl Ad you ever seen and it’s even better than that. It is still early so obviously things are going to change and some details were not known and realistically haven’t been decided. Trying to put in what is important, what people want and still hit an affordable price point is a juggling act to say the least. What I can say is the Community and History are very important to them. The Aftermarket is also very important to them so we will all be able to customize and work on our trucks, this is not going to follow a Tesla philosophy. Making it capable and affordable is another important target. This is an AMERICAN truck and while they can and will share technology, knowledge and suppliers with their VAG brothers and sisters this is not a rebranded or variation of anything in the VAG line. Rumors of this being based on the VW skateboard platform are not true. This will be a very capable off-road vehicle with the right amount of old and new. It can’t be everything to everyone and they still need to make a profit and sell to the masses. This will not be a 40+ year old truck we already have that. But it will be true to its name and its roots from everything I seen. I hope I can share more as I am allowed to. But I did want to share my excitement to the group"